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Edenmore N.S. seeks to provide a happy, yet vibrant atmosphere where every aspect of child development is focused upon through the implementation of a wide and varied curriculum.  The staff of Edenmore N.S. is committed to the religious and moral development of all children, which is already fostered in their times.  This development takes place within a Christian / Catholic context.
At Edenmore N.S. every pupil is regarded as unique, special and gifted in their own individual way.  We strive to nurture individual talents and abilities, through core curricular activities and by providing a wide range of extra – curricular activities.  At Edenmore N.S. an emphasis is placed on active engagement with the culture and traditions of our own country while involving children in activities which will promote respect, tolerance and awareness of other cultures.
Edenmore N.S. welcomes the involvement of parents in the life of the school and in the education of their children.  Edenmore N.S. also seeks to work in harmony with the wider community from which its pupils come.

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